Apartment LOVE

Dan and I are almost done with Phase 1 of setting up our little house (pictures coming soon!).  In the mean time here are some amazing spaces I’ve fallen in love with, clean, cool, and ever so chic….

Via Bliss

Via The Wonderlust Journal

Via Santa Barbara Chic

Via My Scandinavian Retreat

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2 Responses to Apartment LOVE

  1. connie rivera says:

    Stop Posting Magazine pictures and pretend to be yours!!! LOLS…Love your place, looks amazing, can’t wait to visit you two. I will bring Vino….You two have done an amazing job on your sweet little Love next! …when do I come over! :0)
    Love You Two,
    Tia Connie

  2. mcater says:

    Hahahaha….it’s not our place, just apartments that I love…but I’ll be posting pictures of our new place very soon 😀 We’ll talk soon, maybe dinner March or April if you guys are free? 😀

    Love you too!

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