It Was A Good Day….

Yesterday was so much fun, after a week of non-stop pouring rain San Francisco finally got a bit of sunshine…and we made the most of it.  After church Dan and I walked over to Japantown where we (finally) had noodles at oh-so-yummy Suzu Japanese Restaurant….loved it.  Once we were done making our way through the mall, which is home to a favorite stationery store of mine Kinokuniya, we stopped by New People in the J-Pop Center to do a little window shopping of the sometimes odd, but mostly cool stuff they sell.  The day ended with a little East Bay Ikea run, and finally beer, red hawk cheese, and Modern Family at home.  Like I said it was a good day 😀

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4 Responses to It Was A Good Day….

  1. gamunoz says:

    Some one sure is loving that iphone. Showoff 😛

  2. meg says:

    yay! these are great pictures!

  3. mcater says:

    Geny….Yes I do love my iPhone 😀 …Megan, thanks! I used this Apple App called Instagram, it lets you put filters on your iPhone pictures to create some pretty cool effects 🙂

  4. meg says:

    Ah yes! I love instagram. I use it all the time; it’s glorious. 🙂

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